Welcome! - We are proud to be a family-operated business owning and operating Taco Bell restaurants in Northwest and Central Ohio, as well as the state of Washington. By family-operated, we mean that every member of our team--from hourly crew member to seasoned restaurant general manager; from administrative assistant to area coach--is treated like family. That standard was laid down from our very humble beginnings. Mike Kentris was the child of Greek immigrants who came to this country for a chance at a better life. He learned the value of hard work early on, and had an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to own everything from a truck stop to becoming a Burger Chef franchisee in the 1970's. Unfortunately, the restaurant chain could not compete with McDonald's and Burger King, and Mike ended up losing everything when they failed. In 1981, at the age of 60, armed with iron will and a lot of wisdom, Mike fought back and became a Taco Bell restaurant general manager in Findlay, Ohio. When the opportunity to purchase both Findlay stores presented itself, Mike enthusiastically approached his son, George, a young attorney raising his family in Findlay, about buying them. An energetic, hard-working risk-taker, George didn't hesitate. And so, partnering with a milkshake deliveryman whose father-in-law was a successful banker, father and son set out on the journey that would change their lives forever. Over the years, Mike, George and their partners opened new restaurants throughout Ohio. They had faith in the Taco Bell brand and a business philosophy that ensured their success. "I believe we follow the gold standard of franchise organizations by continually investing in our assets. And those include people and facilities, the things that are critical to our success. Ultimately, it's people that make the difference, " George says. This tenet has led to great successes for the company and its employees. Many of the people in this Taco Bell family have been with the company almost since its inception. George estimates that there are at least twelve employees with more than twenty years tenure. After Mike's death in 2004, the company established a scholarship program to assist employees in continuing their education. In 2014, the company distributed eleven $1,000 checks to deserving employees interested in furthering their education. The company has also celebrated the successes of restaurant general managers with trips to the Caribbean in 2009 and the Dominican Republic in 2014. Consistently high scores in operational metrics and earning the Golden Bell "Best of the Best" awards in two of their stores is further evidence of the company's commitment to being a leader among quick service restaurants. The love of the Taco Bell brand was instilled in George's children. In 2010, George’s daughters, Emily Coleman and Annie Arthur, and son-in-law, Matthew Arthur, became his new business partners and fellow franchisees. Together, they purchased ten Taco Bell restaurants in the greater Columbus area in 2012. Then, in 2014, the Kentris Taco Bell family teamed up with Matt's twin brother, John Arthur, and John's wife, Megan Gebhardt, to purchase ten Taco Bell restaurants in the state of Washington, expanding operations to the far corner of the country. With growth comes exciting change and opportunity, and the Kentris Taco Bell family looks forward to spreading their love for Taco Bell to their employees and customersfor years to come.